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Garden Bytes

Located at Bryn Du Mansion

Join us as we gather through the winter months to learn, dream, and plan the year's garden. This monthly meeting is held at the Bryn Du Mansion Carriage House or Parlor and entails delicious treats, wonderful lectures, and the sharing of garden knowledge.

Garden Byte- February 9th

Tracey & Sean Barnes of Moon Maiden Flower Farm

Bryn Du Carriage House 1:00-2:30

Preparing for early, cool-season flowers, when to seed, making outdoor caterpillar tunnels and more!

Garden Byte- March 9th

Dan Longstreth, The Bee Whisperer

Bryn Du Carriage House 6:30-8:00

Bee keeper Dan will be sharing helpful information on bee keeping

Garden Byte- May 11th

Pam Roberts on Vegetable Gardening

Bryn Du Carriage House 6:30-8:30

Learn how Pam and her team at "Together We Grow" have created community gardens in Newark, bag and distribute worm castings and worm tea, create loofah soap, raise tilapia in the greenhouse, and partner with the Newark schools.

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